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Toniq R

Your opportunity to purchase a new stunning road/track day car.

This is a bespoke car and can be customised to your liking, available in any colour or livery you desire. Additions may affect final price.

Only 1 available.
Images shown are of customer cars.

Global delivery available at cost.


Quote from Evo Mag:

"First impressions are terrific. The gearbox is blindingly effective. The steering is quick, accurate and full of feel in the way that only a non-assisted set-up in a lightweight car can be. There’s strong mechanical grip with a shade too much understeer as you start to broach the limits of the Yokohama A048s, but keep the hyperactive four-pot above 8500rpm and you can easily turn speed-sapping understeer into benign, inertia-free oversteer."



  • Engine:  In-line 4-cyl, 919cc, 16v
  • Max power:  131bhp @ 9800rpm
  • Transmission:  6 speed sequential
  • 0-60mph:  3.9 sec
  • Top speed:  126mph


Toniq R

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