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The ability to offer our clients a complete process to Manufacture for their Design project is a rare offering, one that we at Toniq are very proud to provide.


Whether you are taking advantage of this service from our Design and Development service or joining us at this stage of your project - the bespoke nature of our business means we are equipped to help you.

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Tooling Design CNC Machining Composites
Vacuum infusion composite reusable silicone tooling


Working closely with our clients in Marine, Automotive and Product Design sectors, our design and development service is geared to work in sympathy of manufacturing - we do this by being mindful of the processes involved and by ascertaining with the client at an early stage which manufacturing process would be best suited to the project, given its intended material and production numbers.

We guide our clients, and design tooling based on their requirements and advice is offered along the way if we feel another direction may be worth exploring. Fused with our strive for nothing less than perfection, our results exceed many of our client’s expectations.



There are a multitude of different manufacturing solutions for a route to production. At Toniq we can provide a tooling solution for most processes from hand lay GRP to carbon parts in autoclave, or vacuum infusion to injection moulding and RTM.


At Toniq we can design tools for limited production, while recommending cost saving systems and materials to suit your requirements or high volume production injection mould or RTM tools. We can provide a flow analysis service that will test the tools suitability or flag up any potential issues long before cutting any expensive tooling.


Once your project has completed this stage of Development we are ready to move you seamlessly into Production.

 To see how our Production facility can help you, please click below

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